Prepara for Kitchen and Grill, Simply Mist, Glass Healthy Eating Trigger Oil Sprayer, one size, White

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The Simply Mist Oil Mister by Prepara is perfect for spritzing salads, adding flavor while cooking for use while sautéing and grilling. The oil mister is designed with a unique and innovative trigger handle which allows you to spray either a stream or mist of oil depending on how quickly the trigger is pulled. Pull the trigger quickly for a fine and even mist, pull the trigger slowly for a stream of oil. No aerosol, no pumping required. The Simply Mist Oil mister is ideal for use with olive oil, sesame oil, vegetable oil and more. Perfect for healthy and fresh eating, the Prepara Simply Mist allows you to cook with a light misting of oil. The base of the Simply Mist is made of glass- which is easy to wash and sanitize. Glass base is dishwasher safe.

• USE FOR A VARIETY OF OILS: Ideal for olive oil, sesame oil, vegetable oil and more
• UNIQUE TRIGGER HANDLE SPRAY MECHANISM: Oil mister is designed with an innovative trigger pull handle for either a fine mist or stream of oil
• PULL HANDLE QUICKLY OR SLOWLY TO VARY OUTPUT: To generate a fine and even mist, pull the trigger handle quickly. To generate an even stream, pull handle slowly
• NO PUMPING, NO AEROSOL NEEDED: This oil mister sprays without the use of aerosols. There is no need to pump to build spray pressure before using
• GREAT FOR HEALTHY COOKING: Control the amount of oil used in while dressing salads, cooking, grilling or sautéing

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