Parissa Epilation (Waxing) Non-Woven Cloth Strips, Replacement Strips for use with Hair Removal Liquid Wax, 100 x Large Size Strips 9'' x 3''

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What is it? The Parissa Epilation (hair removal) Strips are fabric (cloth) strips for use with liquid waxes for hair removal waxing. The fabric strips are non-woven. This means they prevent the wax from soaking through, no more sticky hands during waxing. They are professional quality and made by Parissa, who are experts in waxing. This is a pack of 100 replacement strips, they are Large size for body waxing. Size = 9'' x 3''. Parissa also has a smaller Epilation Strip size available on Amazon. How do I use it? Although Parissa complete waxing kits come with fabric strips, you may want to purchase extras. Perfect for use with the Parissa Warm Wax and Parissa Organic and Chamomile Sugar Waxes. Press on a fabric strip after applying a thin layer of wax to the area you are removing hair from. Zip off quickly in the opposite direction of hair growth. When zipping off, be quick and keep parallel to your skin. Don’t pull straight up.

• Non-Woven Fabric (Cloth) Strips for Waxing: These epilation (hair removal) strips are for use with liquid hair removal waxes. They are non-woven which means they help prevent the wax from soaking through. No sticky hands.
• Soft & Flexible: Soft yet sturdy and durable strips. These are professional quality fabric strips. Made from pressed cotton fabric.
• Re-Usable: These fabric strips for waxing are re-usable with sugar based waxes (not resin based waxes). Rinse in water and hang to dry. Do not machine wash or machine dr
• Larger size: These are larger salon-size fabric strips, perfect for body waxing. Parissa also have smaller strip sizes available on Amazon.
• Made by Waxing Experts: by Parissa, the waxing experts, with over 30 years of waxing experience. Check out the Parissa complete waxing kits on Amazon.

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