GoGreen Power GG-16103MINBK 6 Outlet Mini Surge Protector, Black

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Most people have surge protectors laying around without realizing they are missing critical protection from power outages by storms or brownouts. Protecting your computers, televisions, home appliances, and more isn't optional - it's essential! ​ With the Go Green Power 6-Outlet Mini Surge Protector, you won't have to wonder if your devices are protected every time the lights flicker. This 15 amp, 1875 watt circuit breaker provides 90 joules of simultaneous protection for six adapters at once, making it a perfect accessory for your home office or entertainment center. With an active indicator light to confirm protection, the 6-Outlet Mini Surge Protector should be a standard feature in every room in your home. ​ Bolstered by a heavy-duty case and cord, the Go Green 6-Outlet Mini Surge Protector provides the design of all Go Green products with high-end performance and efficiency for any situation.

• Protects electronics during a power outage
• 15 amp circuit breaker (1875 watts)
• 90 joules of surge protection
• Indicator light confirms operation
• Black

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