DuroMax XPC10025C Outdoor Extension Cord, XPC10025C

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DuroMax power cord presents a high-quality alternative to other Extension cords by utilizing heavy duty connectors & construction to provide safer use for the user. It is UL rated for safe operation & true rated power allowing it to handle everything from home appliances to outdoor power equipment. This DuroMax power cord features Lighted ends for easy hookup of power & to know when the cord is plugged in to the power source. The power cords heavy-duty durable Jacket insulates & protects the cord against job-site use while resisting moisture, abrasion & harmful UV rays. Great for plugging into generators, power tools & even around the house, DuroMax power cords are designed to outperform the competition. UL Listed SJTW Cord Set

• Heavy duty DuroMax power cord is outdoor rated for safe use on the jobsite or in the yard. Maximum amperage: 15/ maximum watts: 1875
• Bright yellow Jacket allows for high-visibility to help prevent accidental cutting and damage.
• Lighted ends allows the user to confirm when power is supplied to cord.
• Heavy duty PVC Jacket resists moisture, abrasion and temperature.
• Reinforced blades minimize bending of prongs and reduces breakage.

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