Greenco Premium Hypoallergenic Bed Bug, dust mites Proof Zippered Waterproof , Pillow Protector, Terry Surface, Set of 2, Standard Size (21 x 27 Inches)

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Our premium pillow protectors extend the life of your pillows and allow for a more sanitary and healthier night's sleep. The pillow protectors incorporate specialized technology which will prevent fluids, bed bugs, dust mites and allergy triggers from penetrating the membrane covers - while still allowing your pillow to breathe. Thus, these protectors are great for allergy, asthma, eczema and rhinitis sufferers. The protectors also features a thin, light-weight cotton terry surface which provides a soft and comfortable sleep space.

• Set of 2 waterproof and bed bugs proof pillow protectors
• Prevents saliva, sweat, and other body fluids from damaging your pillow; Never wash your pillow again!
• Made of 80% soft & noiseless cotton terry and 20% polyester terry. Breathable membrane (won't trap heat while you sleep) and super comfortable
• Lining is made of 100% polyurethane. Anti-bacterial & Hypoallergenic. Help ease Asthma and other Respiratory conditions by blocking allergens as you sleep. Waterproof Barrier
• Zippered protective covering encases the entire pillow. Standard Size - 21 x 27 inches

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