EverCare 617725 Laundry 2 pack Mesh Wash Bags superior protection of delicates two bag sizes

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The Evercare Mesh Laundry Bag set includes two bags, one small and one medium size, so you can wash your dedicates safely. Our exclusive Optimesh™ technology is designed with the finest, strongest weave possible. Time and again, our bag outperforms the competition by allowing only water and detergent in, while keeping absolutely everything else out that could damage your delicates! This product has a hidden zipper so it won't catch on your clothes. Made in the USA.

In 1956, Nicholas McKay patented his simple, yet brilliant idea for the “Lint Pic-Up,” (known today as the lint roller) and started HelMac Products. Over the years, the company’s name may have changed but the passion for creating innovative, quality cleaning products that make life better and easier remains the same. Evercare is proud to carry on a rich, proud tradition of bringing exceptional household products to life.

• Exclusive Optimesh technology provides superior protection for fine washables
• Fine weave mesh allows detergent in and keeps everything else out
• 2 bag sizes make washing easier and more convenient
• Covered zippers protect delicates from snags or tears
• Can be used in washer or dryer

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