HealthSmart Swivel Seat Cushion assists with 360 degree turns to facilitate transitions to sitting or standing, Black Leather, 15 Inches in Diameter

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This best-selling premium swivel seat cushion is compact in size. The comfort and luxury is perfect for use in your car, van, truck, office or home. The premium fabric feels satiny smooth and the colors beautifully complement and enhance any room or vehicle. It turns a full 360 degrees, minimizing stress on the back, hips or knees that comes from twisting and turning to get out of a seat. The seat cushions foam padding is soft and comfortable, helping to reduce the pressure on the back and tailbone, especially when seated for a long time. This height of this cushion also assists in road view while the compact size is perfect for using in deep bucket seats, scooters or smaller chairs. Removable cover is machine washable, making clean-up a snap. Supports up to 300 pounds

• CONVERT any stationary chair into a swiveling chair; Seat cushion swivels 360 degrees to help relieve back, knee or hip strain caused by twisting and turning when getting in and out of any seat
• PREMIUM DESIGNED fabric and color options look great in any car, van, truck, office or home
• DUAL PURPOSE swivel with increased height provides the perfect addition to any seat
• QUALITY MATERIAL high grade foam holds its shape and feels soft and comfortable, helping to reduce pressure on the back and tailbone; Non skid, flexible swivel base contours to seat and stays in place
• PRODUCT SPECS compact size 15" X 1-3/8" Inches; Removable cover is machine washable

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