MAM Bottle Nipples Extra Slow Flow Nipple Size 0 (Set of 2), for Newborn Babies and Older, SkinSoft Silicone Nipples for Baby Bottles, Fits All MAM Bottles

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MAM's nipples are designed to resemble a mother's nipple during breastfeeding. To achieve this, MAM observed 16 infants breastfeeding using ultrasound technology. The result is a unique, flat shaped nipple that fits perfectly in baby's mouth and makes the switch back-and-forth between breast and bottle easy. All MAM products are made from BPA-free materials for maximum safety. These nipples fit all MAM bottles and are suitable for both breast milk and formula. The MAM nipple is available in five different flow rates: 0 – extra slow flow (newborn), 1 - slow flow (0+ months), 2 - medium flow (2+ months), 3 - fast flow (4+ months), and x - extra fast flow for thicker liquids (6+ months). ** Market Research 2009-2017, tested with 1,508 babies.

• LIKE MOM - The SkinSoft BPA-free silicone nipple feels just like mom's skin during breastfeeding, which is why 94%** of newborn and older babies accept MAM nipples.
• FOR NEWBORNS - These Extra Slow Flow nipples deliver breast milk or baby formula at a slow and steady pace, satisfying the appetite of newborns.
• NIPPLE DESIGN - Due to their unique flat and symmetrical design, MAM baby bottle nipples fit perfectly into baby's mouth. They also fit all MAM feeding bottles.
• PERFECT FIT - The symmetrical shape and small mouthpiece are ideal for newborns. Air valve prevents nipple collapse, allowing babies to drink at a comfortable pace.
• PRODUCT DETAILS - MAM Extra Slow Flow Level 0 Nipples (Set of 2), Suitable for Newborns & 0+ Months, Extra Slow Flow SkinSoft Silicone Nipples for Baby Bottles, Baby Feeding Essentials

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