Broil King 64312 3-Pack Color-Coded Baron Grill Tong Set

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A great set of grill tongs is essential for the best cooking results. Get 3 pairs of great tongs in one package with this set of color-coded Baron tongs. Each tong features a unique colored silicone grip to help ensure food safety when cooking & avoid issues with allergies, dislikes, & cross-contamination of food. Use the red tongs for meats, blue tongs for fish, & green tongs for vegetables. If you're only cooking meat use, the blue tongs for raw meat & the Red tongs for cooked meat.

each tong is 16-in overall in length & features durable stainless steel construction with silicone grips to ensure the tongs are always secure in your hand. The tongs feature 2 unique blades to help make your cooking experience better: one side features a traditional scalloped-style design that helps to better grip a wide variety of foods regardless of shape, size, or firmness; the other side is flat like a spatula & helps to scoop foods off the grill surface. The tongs also feature a locking mechanism that can be unlocked with just one hand & helps to ensure that the tongs are kept compact & out of the way while in storage.

• Get 3 pairs of the dependable and sturdy Baron tongs in this set, Each featuring a bright colored silicone grip - Red, Blue, and Green
• The grip of each tong is color-coded to prevent issues with cross-contamination of food, individual dislikes, and food allergies; use Red for meats, blue for fish, and Green for vegetables
• Each tong is 16-in long overall and features stainless steel construction with silicone grips and a locking feature to keep them compact and out of the way when you have them stored
• The tongs feature 2 unique blade ends: One is a conventional Scalloped style that is perfect for gripping food when putting it on or taking it off the grill; The other is flat like a spatula and is perfect for sliding under food to pick it up and turn it
• All of the tongs are dishwasher safe making for a quick and easy clean-up after your backyard cookout

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